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High Electric Bills

Problem: High Energy Bills. According to Energy Star, the average American family's yearly energy bill is $2,200.

Solution: A home performance upgrade can dramatically reduce the amount of money your family spends on energy bills. From heating and cooling costs, to lighting, to water heating and electricity bills, an energy efficiency professional will evaluate your whole house to make the best recommendations--for the most energy savings, at the lowest cost up front.

With 46% of that total cost going toward heating and cooling costs, the best opportunity for reducing high energy bills is usually by optimizing your home's building envelope to reduce air infiltration and thermal transmission. A home performance contractor does this with sophisticated diagnostic technology including a blower door, an infrared camera and customized computer software. He'll also evaluate your home's heating and cooling systems, including ducts, to make sure everything is functioning as efficiently as possible. He'll also make other recommendations for energy savings--e.g., whether CFLs might be a good lighting option for you, or whether the pine tree on your home's south side is keeping your home cold in the winter. Since every home is different, getting a home performance evaluation of your home is the best way to figure out the best options for your home.