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Home Maintenance

The first step in building long-term value in a property is properly maintaining it. No matter how old or new your home is, the fact is repairs and maintenance will be needed on a routine basis.  Unfortunately many of us are just too busy with work and family or are just not able to handle home repairs and maintenance issues.  If these issues are not addressed, they will continue to deteriorate your home and lead to bigger and more expensive repairs. For example, a simple thing like an unattended plumbing leak can results in hundreds to thousands of dollars in wood damage and mold mitigation, and it may even trigger an asthma attack. Good maintenance can extend the life of your home.

There is very little time and our lives are already too busy without looking for extra work.  Unfortunately, the inner workings of a house are composed of vital systems when ignored, can break down when we least need or expect it too. Sometimes it's the routine chores that slip our mind.  If the change oil light didn't come on in your car you probably wouldn't think about it. The key to a secure and comfortable home is routine maintenance.  Start with a Home Wellness Exam and let us develop a customized maintenance plan for your home. We will deliver the services throughout the year at scheduled quarterly visits that are scheduled around the seasonal changes and issues as they occur. Let Supreme Home Services address your ongoing general maintenance and repair issues at your home. Your home will stay in good condition and reduce the number of unexpected and expensive surprises. We provide our general maintenance and repair services on a on call basis or you can enter into a service agreement with us.

What To Expect:

  • reducing energy consumption and utility bills;
  • maximizing the life of your home’s components, equipment, and systems;
  • eliminating preventable failures and repairs;
  • lowering overall repair costs;
  • reducing safety and health risks in your home;
  • maximizing your home's value and resale potential;
  • the benefits of having an expert available to represent your interest when it comes to your home.

Supreme Home Services will help you protect your investment. A well-maintained home maximizes your home’s resale value, and reduces home inspection issues when it comes time to sell.

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