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Home Wellness Exam

Let Supreme Home Services perform a evaluation of your home.

You may be one of those people who go once a year to the doctor to have a wellness exam.  When you do this the doctor documents facts about your body good and bad. This is how they can recognize or predict something that is out of order. When you have the facts you can arrest, correct and ward off problems.  I know people who get a diagnosis on their car every year in order to maintain it and keep it in good working order. Many people have a Home Inspection performed on a home before they purchase it and they never look back.  Nothing stays the same, a new home after time will get old.  In order to protect it you must perform regular maintenance. People go years with out checking the various components and systems that make up their home until something major happens.  Even then they usually only focus on that which is in immediate need.

Imagine there is a disconnected drain pipe and all your bath water is emptying into the crawl space and you didn't know it. One lady I know was complaining about head aches and the flue pipe to the water heater in the closet next to her bedroom was disconnected and dumping flue gasses directly into the house.  The average home owner does not know what to look for and they will often overlook something that could come back to haunt them later.  Let Supreme Home Services help you protect your investment.

What to Expect:
*A trained inspector will inspect and document facts about the home and it's various systems good and bad.

*A detailed report will be developed to describe the structures various systems and equipment.

*We will provide you with a scope of work that will point out items that are in need of attention, their estimated cost and the time frame in which they should be addressed. 

*We will develop a maintenance schedule tailored to your home that you can do yourself or enter into a service agreement with Supreme Home Services Home Maintenance and allow us to do them for you.

*We will maintain a file that will allow us to compare the facts gathered in future inspections and note any changes.

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Supreme Home Services home evaluations are designed to alert homeowners on an annual basis of any conditions that need to be addressed. Prevention is much cheaper than repair or replacement. We can save you money.